sissymaidclaudette asked: Oh Mistress having "morning wood" was brutal this morning. Thank you for owning me and knowing what is best for me.

No need to thank me. Of course I know what’s best.

Anonymous asked: Goddess, if you want me to not touch my cock for 8 weeks, i will try but please, it's very very long, i don't know if i can do that. Any chance that you give me less ? Slave 2.

No. You wanted the chastity time that bad so there you go. If you cannot do it or if I even feel like you have in I will give you a punishment that you must carry out, then start the time all over.

Caged up :(

Caged up :(

prussianpiespiratepickles asked: Yes Mistress, as you so desire.

You will be in chastity for 4weeks.

foot-models asked: Hey I know you have all these submissive guys on here but I was wondering, at heart what are you? More submissive or a dom? Also. Do you have kik? Mine is TotesCrazyBrah. I'd love to talk to you sometime :p P.s your blog is awesome

Thank you for following :)!! Glad you are enjoying it. I myself am more of the submissive type. I love it when my favorite tells me what to do or moves me from one position to another as he pleases or making him feel good all over with my…. Talents ;). I seem to be doing a good job with the dom role on here though lol. I will try to message you today :D have a great day love!

sissymaidclaudette asked: Hello Mistress. How are you

I’m good. Why have you not responded to my kik?

Anonymous asked: Goddess, did you make your decision about my new chastity time ? Slave 2.

I did but since you keep pestering me I have extended it. I was only going to make it for 4 weeks, but it is now 8 weeks. Enjoy.


No what the anon was saying is not true. Only one I my uncles is technically savy enough to understand what a blog is but he sure as hell wouldn’t address his niece that way. I welcome questions anon or not anon, but I don’t welcome immaturity and crude requests such as what the anon sent. Feel free to drop me a line, I enjoy talking to those who are turned on by my feet, or feet in general, tell me your fantasy (being as decent and respectful as possible) or just tell me how your day was and I’ll respond when I have sec. I have over 500 followers so let’s get some dialogue going. Good morning or good night you lovely people. Talk to you soon

Anonymous asked: Typical black girl, gets bent out of shape over a anon .. Is what he saying true? Must be .. Does it really matter ? You do have followers . Just take the good with the bad . If he wants to ask bullshit questions then he has a right if you don't want anon questions then don't have your page set up to have anon questions but hey to each his or her own but I find his questions childish but very entertaining the least.. Want more oily sole pics have a nice day sexy.

Ummmm I wasn’t getting bent out of shape, and I’m not sure how that qualifies as being a typical black girl? He wasn’t asking questions he was making ridiculous statements/demands. Clearly you need to learn the difference. I don’t mind anonymous questions I’m the slightest since I’ve had numerous ones before. The only difference is again they were questions and not obscene and crude statements. I’m sure any female regardless of race would have said something to the same affect of what I did, if not flipped her lid completely and flown off the handle, which I did not do. I gave the anon person the attention they wanted for a moment then went back to ignoring and deleting the messages and previously stated. I love having my blog and speaking with my followers, but not when they are being immature just to get attention. You saying that you found his “questions” amusing says a lot about you as well. Who’s to say this wasn’t you the whole time and you are just telling me to relax and you were just having some fun. I stated I was not offended and unamused by his ramblings. Try to make more educated or thought out submissions before you try to criticize me as being the sensitive one. I could have gone about this a different way and just deleted my blog all together and didn’t. Also just out of curiosity if you didn’t know that I was black would you have still said what you did? For all you could have known going based off of just my feet I could have been Latina, middle eastern, or any other ethnicity with skin tones more on the brown side. If you want to go to a stereotype I would have to say I under performed as a black female who has been insulted by someone who refuses to show their own identity. Again I could have handled that completely different and had an emotional breakdown as stereotypical of a black chick, but this person was not worth it. I’ve given you more time than you deserved as well since I can tell your submission was not well thought out. I hope you had a great weekend and if I have the time I may take that picture you demanded, but then again do you really deserve it? Have a lovely day sunshine.

Dear anon

To the lovely follower or possible non follower, please get a life. Your messages are not offensive or annoying but sad and pathetic. I’m not sure what you are looking to get out of this or if you are bored but either way you need to get a life. This is the closest you will get to having me acknowledge your boredom, but as previously stated I will continue to delete the messages. It’s sad you are so desperate for attention that you must do this as anon so I can’t block or report you. Maybe you just need a hug. Well I’ve already spent enough time on this than was necessary but I hope it made you feel special since that’s what you want. Have a great day.